"One" 47818

I was asked to recreate a former "One" Class 47 loco, 47818, as seen is this recent picture,


although it looks it good nick here, compared with other ones I've found!

Using a Vi-Trains model, I got started, firstly creating the immaculate loco then going to work with the weathering.

I used a thinned-down paint to recreate the "Refeshers" livery, before overspraying with a thinned down coat of the original body colour. The latest photos I was working from show the above panel to be quite faded and varying degrees of the original colour scheme to be showing through. The loco is also quite traffic-stained.

The Vi-Trains model is thought by many to be the best scale representation of the 47, however
I did find it very fiddly to take apart and re-assemble. The detailing packs are a model in themselves!

Here is the end result,





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