Night Riviera - Coach Conversions (BFO & RFM)

The last two coaches of the stock were the trickiest part of the project, the RFM (buffet) and the BFO (brake first open).


There have only been four BFOs converted from Mk3 stock. I understand that they were originally configured into HST sets working on the WCML, they now feature in the FGW Night Riviera sets, bringing up the rear.

Research showed that they are also fitted with a pair of red rear lights, steady rather than flashing. This particular conversion was started with a Lima Mk 3 TGS, to which I added etched sides from the Hurst kit. This kit has been unavailable for some time, but thanks to the help of the people at Hurst I underwrote an order and they were able to produce a batch for me.

Help came too from my old friends at Express Models who knocked up a convenient LED pair, powered by a 9V battery (as this is destined for a customer that runs DC). I was pleased with the end result, a highly unusual vehicle that rounds off the Night Riviera set.




The RFM was a little more straightforward. Again the donor was a Lima Mk3, this time the buffet (for the roof detail mainly). Applied to the sides were etches from Hurst. As with the BFO the windows were clear plasticard, to which I attached car glazing film (from Halfords), it represents the real stock very well.



So that's it, a complete First Great Western Night Riviera set, finished at last.


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