17 October

Since overall spraying in FGW Blue, I've mixed up an FGW Pink for the doors and lined the steps and handrails.

The pictures below show the Mk3 Open and the Sleeper after a coat of Precision Gloss, essential before adding the decals.




Next step whilst I'm waiting for the decals to arrive is to detail the running gear and the carriage ends, 3 sets of bogies disassembled and ready on the workbench...


18 October

I've been pretty successful with my decal sheets, which have incorporated the additional livery elements needed for the set, click here for a scan of them. They look more detailed in reality than they appear on this scan. They've been sealed with two coats of acrylic varnish, ready to start using on my completed coaches.

30 October

Not too satisfied that the decals are detailed or robust enough, so I have got in touch with the professional who produced my other FGW decals to screenprint them along with the main side elements (the "swoosh") for the coaches. I'll have a copy of the artwork to show here soon...

28 November

After a lot of work on my original photos Rob at Wessex Transfers has sent me a completed proof, here, he's been able to revise the layout since to squeeze a 5th pair of side "swooshes" on the A4 sheet, they've now been ordered and am waiting anxiously for their arrival!

5 December

The pre-production proofs of my decals arrived and I hastily got them on to a prepared sleeper,

pre prod

Very pleased with the colour definition and sizing of the whole sheet, the "swirl" needs a bit more colour depth, so I'll get this improved then the batch printed..!

24 December

At last the production batch has arrived and so will be busy getting them on to my waiting batch of freshly painted FGW blue coaches, watch this space!

29 December

The wife's off to see the mother in law and I've been able to push on to completion with my first rake of 4, finished at last!




Progress Continues Here


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