Network Rail - New Measurement Train

The project to construct one of Network rail's NMTs, "The Flying Banana", began in Sep 09.

I'd purchased the excellent Hurst Models kit, which consists of the brass overlays you need to adapt 5 coaches and the front mounted cameras, for up to 3 power cars.

I intended to model each one of the three NR powercars in use, being 43013, 43014 and 43062 "John Armitt".

Unfortunately the powercars are each different in key aspects, (buffers, windows and headlamp assemblies), so this entailed buying three separate sets of Hornby's latest HST pairs, each one to represent each of the 3 variants.

The coaches are all Hornby Mk3s.

I intended to sell one full train on eBay and make another for my own layout (for when it gets built!)

As of 18 Nov 09 I'd completed all four coaches and one powercar, with one awaiting decals and one final varnishing.



The five coaches and powercar have been weathered and are awaiting a final sealing coat.

By early Dec I'd finally completed the remaining two powercars. The window rear of the former guard's door was the unique feature of 43013. This was coupled with the fixed front buffers, so using the chassis of the Grand Central HST set, I cut down the front cowling on one of the Inter City liveried HSTs for it to fit the buffered chassis.

The final power car, 43062 "John Armitt", was a straight conversion from the GNER set.

All three powercars were lightly weathered, using a mix of Precision Track Dirt (dk brown) followed by Brake Dust (a lighter brown colour) which picks out the highlighted details very well. The roof was sprayed with Roof Dirt, followed by the exhaust ports and a general dusting of Soot Black. To cap it off the roof got a dusting of Gun Metal and Soot weathering powders, the driver's steps were picked out in silver.

Here are the end results...








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