Network Rail Stock

NR and former Railtrack stock seems to be all the rage at the moment and it's caught my interest too.

I decided to create some a NR rake, to run with either a converted Class 37 or Class 73. Here's what I've come up with so far....

Network Rail Mk2 Brake Force Runners

Quite a simple and striking addition to any modern image layout. I picked up a couple of ex-Airfix Mk 2 coaches from eBay and resprayed into NR yellow with decals from Hurst Models.


The Central Door Locking lenses are from Hurst too, painted at the rear with Rail Red, they do make a very realistic addition.

The NR decal are Hurst's, but the numberset was my own, printed onto decal paper.

Former Railtrack Brake Force Runner

Again, a simple conversion from an Airfix/Hornby Mk2. Painted into Railtrack blue with a Railtrack Green stripe near the cantrail, dead simple.


Serco Brake Runner

Little bit more complicated this one, but still a relatively easy conversion. A Bachmann Mk2 TSO overlaid with a Hurst Models kit. The windows are easy, adding the small windows to the carriage end is a bit trickier, but still well within the grasp of a beginner. The decals are from Hurst too, the paints are Phoenix Precision Serco Red and Grey, both bought from Fox.



Network Rail 97303

Finally completed my Class 37 (97303), just needs a little light weathering...



Network Rail Class 31285

A straightforward re-spray from one of Hornby's fantastic Class 31's.

The decals were from Scale Model Transfers, which provides a whole range of very useful Railtrack/Network Rail stock sets.




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