A common site at Didcot yard are various formations of MoD trains, common amongst which are VGA/VKA vans.

In a pretty weathered state, I thought that these may make an interesting set behind a Class 66, entirely suitable for my GWML themed layout.

I took a few reference photos on a lovely sunny day in April 2010,




I bought three Bachmann VGAs and had a bash.

The Models

Unfortunately, taking the van apart to separate the chassis from the body proved a nightmare, so I had to resign myself to not being able to dip strip them and so set about removing EWS branding and TOPS panels with a little wet n' dry.

I then removed the wheelsets and primed all over with Tamiya Matt Surface Primer.

The metal finish was Alclad Laquer, the ends a very faded, almost pinkish yellow being a mix of Warning Panel Yellow, white and a touch of Rail Orange (all Railmatch).

This was then varnished (essential to produce a surface safe for masking tape on the metal finish) ready to move onto the roof. Rust patches were sprayed first,  then masked using Maskol, followed by an all-over dirty black. When this dried, the Maskol was removed to reveal rust patches beneath "peeling" paint.

The vans were then progressively weathered with a range of Precision colours.

I finished off by masking the body and spraying the chassis.

Final touches were added with graffiti (Microscale from C-Rail) and painted panels - all taken from photos of various prototypes.

I finished off with an all-over coating of Phoenix Precision satin.






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