I suppose that the GWML, along which I travel regularly for work, is a bit dull compared with many other areas of the National Rail system.

Occasionally, though, I do see or snap some things which provide me with a bit of inspiration for future projects, here are some examples.

Apr 2009

Old Oak Common's resident gronk, 08839, which I've just started on.


12 Feb 2009

Managed to take a few snaps of some subjects I've actually modelled, 4 out of 5 in fact.

First off, my first pic of 59206, recently outshopped in DB Schenker red/grey (apologies for the quality it was hiding away at Acton Main Line),


Then it was two FGW 57s, both of which I've modelled, 57605,


and 57602,


then waiting at Acton depot, Hanson Rail 59101,


and finally, one I've not tackled yet, GBRf 66714, Cromer Lifeboat,


January 2009

It was a pretty foggy day, (so apologies for the picture quality), when I snapped a rather worn Class 59 at Acton Yard, some interesting weathering would be needed here,


or this FGW HST Barrier coach, spotted at Old Oak Common



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