Thurs 15 May

Got up early and managed to get a first coat of Klear on the newly decaled "Wrexham, Shropshire & Marylebone Railway" Class 67.

After this picture was taken I smoothed down the decal, so it does look better in the plastic!

WSMR Class 67

Ready for weathering is a West Coast 47...

WCR 47

Finally, a Cotswold Advenza Freight 47...just sprayed with Klear so the finish looks a bit uneven


Friday 16 May

At last, 67013 in WS&M R colours leaves the paintshop, ready for a bit of light weathering over the weekend then on to eBay...

WSMR 67013

WSMR 67013

Friday 23 May

Well it's a Bank Holiday weekend and so work is slow.. time to finish WSMR 67 and my West Coast Railways 47854...

WSMR Class 67

WCR 47854 - finished


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