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I didn't intend to be a trader, I'm just a model railway enthusiast.

However I soon found that to obtain unique items I had to have them made, the costs involved in artwork and minimum runs mean that I have to order far more than I am ever likely to use myself. So anything I have surplus I am happy to sell on, mainly so that I can re-invest the money back into financing other projects!


If you would like to place an order for these, please email me and I will contact you when they are back in stock.

Set FGW1 - First Great Western - HST/Class 57 Livery Elements

This set contains all the elements needed to model the FGW Class 57s in Blue and the HST powercars.

Please click here to see the actual sheet.

It carries all the unique livery elements, you will need to buy cantrail lining and TOPs plates separately, available from Fox and others. Fully made-up numbersets are provided for all 5 of the FGW Class 57s (in the new dk blue livery) along with some HST powercars.

The new FGW logo, as found on the side of all refurbished HST and Class 57 stock.

Here's how the decal looks, this is the side decal on a Class 57-


and at the front on an HST,


Each sheet allows you to complete either one HST or Class 57

Set FGW2 - Mk3 Night Riviera & HST Coach Stock


This sheet allows you to decorate 5 FGW Mk3 Coaches, in either standard day livery as part of an HST set, or the Night Riviera livery.

Please click here for a picture of the sheet.

It carries enough variety of accurate coach numbers and letters for a partial HST set of 5 coaches, being TSOs, FOs, Standard and TRUBs (Buffets) and for the Night Riviera set of BFO, 3 x Sleepers and the RFM (buffet).

It includes all the FGW livery elements, you will need orange cantrail lining and C3/TOPs stickers, both available from Fox and others to complete a coach.

Set FGW3 - Mk3 BFO Kit & Decals

If you wish to model an authentic set of the FGW Sleeper you need a BFO coach.

These kits were specially produced for me as part of my Night Riviera projects by Hurst Models, the leader in modern image coach kits.

Each kit comprises of a pair of etched brass coach sides, door lock indicator lenses and full instructions. 

You will need a modern Hornby Mk3 donor coach, preferably a First Open version, so that the seats match.

To complete the kit you will need paint from Precision Paints (First Group Blue) and some additional decals available from Fox (and others), being cantrail warning, overhead cable warnings and speed classifications. Currently there is no commercially available paint for the red doors, however this can be easily mixed to the correct shade from Humbrol paints.

Unfortunately I no longer have these in stock, but they can be bought directly from Hurst Models.


What Other Modellers Have Said...

Peter - "Very high quality"

Pete - "I must say that they do look first class and your pictures do not do
them justice"

James - "Received the FGW decals today and they're superb!!"

Brian - "They look excellent"


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