I'm a railway modeller interested in all things modern and western.

With house moves, children and work constantly interfering with my hobby(!), I've not been able to put on much new stuff recently, however hopefully that will change in the near future, with a house move that will give me my very own little workshop again.

In the meantime, please feel free to look through at some of the projects I've tackled in the past, including creating a First Great Western Night Riviera set.

Most of my projects have centered around the GWML, I used to sell quite a few completed items on eBay, however I now intend to concentrate on building up stock for my layout.


I'm currently having the basics of a layout constructed (being rubbish at carpentry!) and as soon as it's delivered I'll be posting up details of progress.


As part of my own interest in FGW stock, I created and commissioned privately sets of decals that allowed me to model FGW coach and loco stock (now of course the stock is available from Hornby), however they also allow you to create an authentic Night Riviera set, as well as model the Class 57's.

I don't make any money from these, the prices cover only the costs of production and the (steep!) original design fees.

Unfortunately, my decals are currently out of stock, expected back
mid-Feb 2014. 


Feel free to contact me at dominic@marstonparkway.org.uk


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